Saturday, 23 May 2015

And that's a wrap!

Well, after nearly 6 loooong months of hard work, Psalty: Welcome to the Family is finally over! I can hardly believe it! What a journey this has been, and the final two shows, and after party were no exception - special memories I'll treasure forever! 

Here are a few photos from backstage and the after-party tonight (promise I'll stop talking about the show on here soon! ;P):
These two very sweet *ahem* unicorns gave me a lovely
card and a soap rose, very kindly perfumed by them too!
And since said unicorns read my blog, here's a cute one
of the two of them <3
My beautiful friend Nicole and I about to dance our Swedish
And the two of us again at interval! So. Much. Gold. 
With two of my favourite monkeys at the after party! These
kids are wonderful!
 Every show we have done, we've got and taken photos in front of the clock tower in our town centre. This show couldn't be the exception, so here are our clock tower photos!

The boys! My brother is 2nd from the left, and my hilarious fiancé on the right
end! He cracks me up!
I love these kiddos!
With my precious friend Jacinta <33 
The dancers <3
 I got given all these beautiful things by various cast members tonight. 2 GORGEOUS bouqets of flowers, lots of cards and two super special photo-frames! I am so so blessed!
I can hardly believe it's all over, but I'll confess, my brain is already planning my next show... But that will have to wait a while, because next on my agenda is GETTING MARRIED! 188 days away now - it's creeping closer! 

This show has been a wonderful, crazy, tiring, exciting, beautiful adventure. I am thankful for every moment, even the moments when I thought I might not make it through. And I am so, SO thankful to my God and Saviour for all He has done - for getting me, and the cast and crew through this long haul, teaching us what it really means to be part of His family, the body of Christ, and also for allowing us to perform this show to glorify His name before, and with, our city. All glory is to Him. Thank You Lord, for all You've taught us, and the way You've blessed us and guided this entire process. This heart of mine is so thankful. 

Nina xx


MorningTime4 said...

I know the feeling of the last performance; it's super sad, and same goes for the after party. Those unicorn photos look amazing! :)

xoxo Morning

Nina Donkin said...

Thanks Morning! :)