Thursday, 14 May 2015

Psalty: Welcome to the Family!

It is now less than a week until Family Friendly Productions latest play "Psalty: Welcome to the Family" takes to the stage! How exciting! It's been such a great experience directing this musical, and I think it's set to be our best yet! Woo hoo! I decided to share some of the beautiful photos Tara Jolliffe Photography has taken for us.
The crew! Recognise some of my friends from over at Violets and Daisies?!
I'm on the ladder in the gold dress (it's a costume, promise!)
Rhythm! Boy, this kid is amazing! :D So funny!
Psalty, Psaltina and The Booklets!
I love these three! Harmony, Melody and Rhythm!
The dancers! That's me, middle right!
The whole cast!
The wonderful Kids Praise Kids <3
These two crack me up! 
Looking great huh?! What a great photographer!! Can't wait to share a video or two from this!
But in the meantime, here's a throw-back to our last Psalty show - 4 years ago now!! Can you spot me?
Talk soon, 
Nina xx

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