Monday, 4 May 2015

When Life Runs Away With You...

A lot of the time, I've taken on too many things, and start juggling projects here, there and everywhere, and vow NEVER to do it again. I'm in one of those spaces at the moment! But, if you've read my post over at Violets and Daisies, you'll see that this time I'm serious about it haha.

But anyway, in between juggling 3 uni assignments due in the next 2 weeks, organising props, costumes, publicity and last minute changes to our production, rehearsing with my Trio for numerous performances (also in the next 2 weeks), working, running back and forth to the hospital visiting my beloved Grandfather, planning a wedding etc, etc, I decided that is was ridiculous and I needed to just calm down and take a step back. If I take an hour or two just to catch up with myself, the world is not going to end. And so, here is my list of THINGS TO DO WHEN LIFE IS RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU:

-Put on your favourite outfit  and do your hair.
-Do something that makes you feel nice (a face mask really revitalises me!)
-Write your journal and read your Bible
-Listen to some of your favourite, calm music
-Drink tea - duh! ;)
-Tell someone you love them. Or lots of someones.
-Read your favourite book
-Breathe! This one is sorta essential!
-Sit outside in the garden
-Write a blog post with a list of things to do - oh wait :P
-Dance for fun. And sing!
-Look at old photos. 
-Go for a walk
-Pick some flowers
-Draw (I'm a useless drawer but this is still fun!)
-Paint your nails
-Take time to pray
-Remind yourself what is important.
-Eat your favourite snack. 
-Try something you've always wanted to (I made cheese chips - disaster, but fun!).
-Tidy your old belongings - always fun. 
-Write a story
-Phone a friend and ask about their life
-Remind yourself why you are doing all the things you are doing. 
This beautiful photo from our latest play rehearsal by the very talented Tara Jolliffe
Photography (look her up!) reminds me why I do the things I do - look at
all that joy and energy!
It's easy to forgot, or lose sight of how blessed we are, or where we are headed, in the midst of our lives. But we can't let that happen. It's never worth it. Make sure you take that time to re-focus.

What do you guys do to re-charge? 
Nina xx

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