Thursday, 28 May 2015

You and Me Forever Free PDF!

I'm currently 183 days away from marrying the man my soul desires. 183. Crazy! Where has this year gone? I couldn't be happier, even with so many changes ahead and so much to do! I'm loving this whole experience of being engaged and looking forward to marriage. Woo hoo!! In 183 days it will be Logan and me FOREVER. Not just for a while, not for as long as we can be bothered, but until we  move from this life into the next. Because once we are joined together before our loved ones and before our God in holy matrimony, we are one. And I so can't wait! 

A modern theologian and preacher both Logan and I really admire is Francis Chan. I hope you've heard of him, because he's great! If not, look up some of his teachings! He and his wife Lisa have written a book called "You and Me Forever", which is all about keeping an eternal perspective on marriage. Logan and I've started reading through it together, and it is SO good! And you know what else is good?! They're giving it away as a FREE pdf file! How generous right?! The link to it is below:
Check it out! Whether you're married, about to be, or single, it's a great read - reminding us to view each person in our lives as God does, through the blood of Christ, and to keep focused on the forever. I highly recommend it. 

Much love, 
Nina xx

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