Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Hilarious Dream+Beautiful Friends+Wonderful Whisperings of God

"Man, you know you're a dedicated best friend when you have nightmares about your bestie's wedding FOR her!" -Quote, my best friend Violet 

My precious friend "Violet" had the strangest dream the other day... About my wedding! Of course, she's going to be one of my bridesmaids, and we had been talking about the wedding the night before.  Here's what she dreamt:
First, we were shopping for shoes for the bridesmaids. I apparently wanted them to wear these really high-heeled brown shoes, with black tipped toes (eww!!). And I wanted Violet to wear this blue dress which she wears on a daily basis (how boring!). Then we went to a bridal shop in our local mall (it doesn't actually exist haha). Whilst we were there, I told her that our wedding was TODAY. She panicked, as no one knew, as I was only planning to send out the invitations in the afternoon - oh boy! So she ran through the mall crying and panicking. Then she went to a local bookshop and bought me Little Golden Books as a wedding present (for our future children I assume). She came and brought them to me at the bus stop (just casually...) and apologised for panicking. Hahahaha!
Sunshiny walk!
I'm so thankful for my beautiful friends. They really draw me closer to the Lord, and are such an encouragement to me! I honestly don't know what I'd do without them <3
What a special heart she has!
Violet and I had such a great talk the other day about anxiety and trust, and how we really need to learn to set our eyes on God. We met up with a wonderful older mentor of ours - the wife in the couple who are doing the pre-marriage course with Logan and me - this afternoon and talked all about it. She was really encouraging us to move past our fears and anxieties, giving them totally over to the Lord and seeking His face above all else. 
Iced chocolate for Violet and iced tea for me
- perfect!
Since I haven't been studying the last week, I've taken time to listen to some sermons, and to really get my eyes back on my Saviour! One of the things I've really felt pressed upon my heart, the little things being whispered to me by Him is that I really need to focus less on the weight of this world and more on finding my joy in Him. Our salvation should bring us an overwhelming joy that covers over all the rest of our lives. Our lives should be so filled with joy that people see it, they will desire the joy that we have too (reminds me of a scene from the Psalty show we did!). 
Cracking up! 
I love how our Father teaches us things through His word, and then moves in our lives to whisper the same thing over and over again. And hopefully, we catch on and learn from it :D A quote I loved from that sermon I was listening to was this: 

God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him. ~Aaron Ironside

And that is SO true! The people who most reflect Christ and glorify Him in their lives are the ones serving Him out of an abounding joy. I love that I get to see that in my friends - how blessed am I?! It is my hope and prayer that I will grow to a place where people see that in me too!
Another of our sweet, sweet friends <3
Talk soon, 
Nina xx