Monday, 1 June 2015

// Adventure 1 //

I love long weekends. Even long weekends where I have to work Saturday, and then Monday afternoon. I especially love long weekends where we're able to take a while to go on a road trip. And that is exactly what this Queens' Birthday weekend provided me with. 

Mt Ruapehu - the mighty volcano!
My younger brother, who happens to be a very talented dancer, was competing in a dance competition in the beautiful city of Taupo - along the shores of the gorgeous and very famous volcanic lake. So Mum decided that we (and my fiancĂ©) would make a trip out of the event. 
The mountain with all the ANZAC Memorial
Crosses in front.  
My brother and I decided to ride a tank at the Military Museum!
We stopped for lunch along the lake edge whilst we were still a
while away (this is a huge lake, remember)!
Last one, promise!
My lovely family!
We arrived in Taupo early afternoon. Mum and my brother went down to the dancing competitions, whilst Logan and I went exploring. Fun!! Then we had dinner in town, and the BEST dessert I've ever had on the lakefront. I had a banana split and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Perfect beauty!!
After the dancing competitions were over, we went back to our hotel. We manage appropriate sleeping arrangements by having Mum and I share a room the boys aren't allowed to enter, and Logan and my (very protective of me) brother share a room we don't enter. Works really well!
Lake-side Logan
The next morning dawned stormy and grey. Logan and I went for a walk along the lake, which was really nice. Even though the weather wasn't great, there were still lots of people out and about. It was nice to just be able to walk, and talk and relax without worrying about anything else, for a change!

We went up to a place my brother loves, called Action World, but it was closed, so we took photos at Taupo's giant *sarcasm* airport instead. We pretended to be staff - oh so convincing, right?! ;)
Precious Mama <3
After that, we embarked on the longish drive home. It was really nice and restful, and the weather improved heaps about half-way back. We arrived *just* in time for me to go to work! Restful period over. I think another is in order soon! 
This picture makes me think of these lyrics from one of my favourite songs:
Glory to the Lamb. "All of creation is under Your feet, the sun and the stars,
 the moon and the sea, they all worship You. Everything bows before You!"
Beautiful creation!
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend too! 
Now, back to reality - work, study, a singing competition over the weekend and exams next week. Phewf! :D 
Love, Nina xx

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Ainsley Reitsma said...

beautiful photos! looks like fun!