Thursday, 4 June 2015

Christy and Todd

For probably about the last 5 or 6 years, my favourite book series hands down has been the Christy Miller series by Christian author Robin Jones Gunn. Her books are wonderful! They journey through the life of a young girl called Christy (duh!) and her journey to finding faith, and then navigating life with it. You journey through her high school life, her years traveling abroad, her college years, her engagement and now, my favourite part of the series - Christy and Todd: The Married Years!

I'll admit, pretty much as soon as any of these books come out, I've ordered it, and it's no different with One More Wish - the 3rd in the Married Years series. I have pre-ordered it! I've become the Robin Jones Gunn book library to many of my friends, as they've all gotten into the series too. One of my friend's and I have read the series probably 3 or 4 times each and one or another of us is constantly reading one of the books, or related series. 

I can honestly say these books have touched my life SO much, and have really impacted my Christian walk. One of the things I love about these books is that the focus really is on God, over everything else. That's so rare these days, even in Christian books I find. 

One of my favourite quotes from the series is in the very first book - Summer Promise. 
          "But what is God's way?" Christy practically shouted. "My uncle keeps telling me to be true to myself, and Alissa was telling me that I've got to make my own way, and all my aunt does is avoid reality and try to think positive. I'm so mixed up!" 
          "I can see how you would be." 
          "At home it was easy. We all went to the same church, and everyone believed in God. Now you're telling me I have to live my life God's way if I want to go to heaven. What is God's way?
         Christy took her eyes off Todd and looked out at the ocean. She didn't like it when she came across so dumb. 
        "It's like this," Todd explained. "You're looking out at the Pacific Ocean, right? Somewhere out these is Hawaii. Imagine Hawaii is Heaven. You'd never make it there swimming yourself. You need a boat. Jesus is that boat. Do you follow me?"
       "Sort of." 
       "Well, it's up to us to make the choice. We can reject a free ride on the boat to Hawaii, or we can sit here and say "Yes, I believe in that boat, and I believe in Hawaii". But unless we actually get on the boat, we're never going to make it to Hawaii." Todd seemed pretty pleased with his illustration, but Christy was only slightly less confused. 
     "I believe all that," Christy agreed. There seemed to be something deeper to what he was saying, but she just didn't get it. 
    "Yes," Todd challenged, "but have you turned your life over to Jesus? Or are you sitting on the shore saying 'I believe in the boat, and I believe in Hawaii,' but you haven't actually gotten into the boat yet?" 
Great, isn't it? 

If any of you ever get a chance to, definitely give these a read! :) They will bless your life, promise!

Nina xx

P.S. For those of you who have read the series, give this quiz a go!! 

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