Friday, 19 June 2015

Saving Mr Banks {Movie Review}

My girls and I had a movie night this evening - so much fun! We took heaps of crazy photos (couldn't resist sharing a couple of them!), made dinner, destroyed a carrot (long story...) and, of course, watched movies! 
Right, now we've got through those... Onto my movie review! 
Okay, Saving Mr Banks: For any Mary Poppins lovers out there (such as myself), if you want a further glimpse at the story, here it is! I absolutely loved it!

The film follows Mary Poppins' eccentric authoress P.L. Travers, on her journey with releasing her precious creation to Walt Disney to make it into the motion picture we now all know it as. But as she journeys through this, she must also face her past, and all that has brought her to this point. Touching, endearing, humorous, serious, deep, inspiring - this film seriously has it all. 

Okay, I'll admit, there are times when "Mrs Travers" (don't you DARE forget the Mrs part!) and her family members really irritated me, and other moments where they frustrated me beyond reason, but that only serves to add to the beauty of this film. Without those moments, one could never appreciate it as it truly is. 
I'll also admit there were points where I cried. All too often in movies like this, I find there is so much I relate to and it just seems to hit me so hard. This movie is such an emotional journey, with such a beautiful ending. But that's all I'm going to say on the matter - I'd hate to give anything away and ruin it if you haven't seen it!

There is some alcohol misuse portrayed in the film, but it is handled very well and shown in an appropriate light. There is also some minor bad language. Some of the themes in this movie are quite deep, so I would recommend this to a teenaged + audience :)

I've seen this musical live in Sydney - SO very special - and even more so, understanding a little more of the back ground!

All in all, my verdict is Saving Mr Banks is "practically perfect in every way" ;)
Bon nuit from me, 
Nina xx

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