Sunday, 7 June 2015

//Thankful Heart// (2)

It's been a long week! But I have so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of exam stress!

- Singing competitions going really well, and being so much fun! One of my students competed for the first time, and loved it, which was great!
- Taking cute matching pictures with my student! We took hers when she competed yesterday afternoon, and then I took one the same after competing last night!
- Drinking a special blend of tea that my darling Logan brought me back from a work trip!
- Relaxing mornings. 
- Inspiring conversations about the Bible
- My lovely Mama who both teaches me singing and accompanies me - I'm a blessed lady!
- Watching Poldark! I am so enjoying that series!
- Important conversations with people going better than you expect. 
- Catching up with friends I see once a year at the singing comps!
- Gorgeous sunsets on cold winter evenings. 
- Less than a week until I'm finished study for semester! 
- Home made burgers :D 

Talk soon and God bless, 
Nina xx

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