Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Day It Rained... A Lot!

So... It rained hard all of last night. And it rained all of today.

By lunchtime, this was what our area looked like:
This is normally a very shallow stream...

There were loads of cal-de-sacs in this predicament

The river by our house burst it's stop-banks - so much water!! 
We last had floods like this in 2004 - and we were told they were "once in one hundred years" floods. Huh. Maybe not...
The water was less than a metre from the road in places!
Powerlines in water - not ideal!
All around my home-town roads were being closed due to flooding, and where we went in the afternoon (where I took photos) was all substantially worse by evening. This video below is on our street - about 1km from the river... We had to drive through that to get home, and then I walked back to video it - crazy huh?!
Other places in our area are much worse than my city, so please keep those people in your prayers, especially those having to be evacuated, or having to travel (such as my friends)! 

Quite the adventure! 
I must admit - I am exceptionally thankful for the rainbow and the promise of Genesis! :P
Nina xx

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