Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Wedding Registry {Wedding Plans}

Well, it is currently 155 days until Logan and I tie the knot! Woo hoo!! That is so exciting - just over 5 months to go. Now that my first semester of study is over, I'm really enjoying getting into the planning.
-I've been busy on Pinterest - I created a wedding board (of course) which you can see here:
-We've booked the venues
-I have the dress (needs lots doing to it yet, but still!)
-We have 3/5 bridesmaids dresses (!!)
-The flowers are sorted
-The invitations are almost done
And today, I've been working on creating a wedding registry. That has been lots of fun! Logan and I have been given a LOT of householdy things since we got engaged last year (August 13th - we've had a loooong engagement), so it has been somewhat tricky to put together a gift register. 

For one thing, I feel bad effectively asking people for things - it seems sorta rude I reckon (any other brides-to-be feel me on this one?!). But then I started thinking, if one of my other friends were getting married, it would be nice to know what they needed/wanted so I could actually give them something they'd like. That made me feel a lot better!

For the other thing, we have loads of crockery (2 different full sets! How blessed are we?!), pots, pans, teas sets, pillowslips, table mats etc. So I've been trying to think of things we need that aren't too expensive (i.e., furniture) and that people would actually like to give. I've probably failed a little by making nearly everything practical, and not so many things pretty or home-y. But since we already have a lot of those things, I guess this will have to do. 
I've written this note along with the Register, which I hope will make it sound nicer, and less demanding haha. I have no desire to be that "nightmare bride"!!
"Thanks for considering getting us something to bless our new home! Please feel free to get similar alternatives to anything you see here if you prefer - we are not particular! :) I am partial to blues and browns though! ;) If there's nothing you would like to give, please feel free to give a voucher, as we'll happily use them! Or just give us a big hug - we'd be happy with that too!"

I had lots of trouble thinking about how to create a wedding registry that would actually work since we don't just want people to feel they have to shop at one store. Then I found by accident an online wedding registry used by Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson and his fiancĂ© Mary Kate for their wedding (which I believe is in 2 days - how exciting for them). Sadly that site is only available in America, but I managed to find a super cute one in NZ called The Lovely Register. I've been using that. Basically, you can URL link any product from anywhere on the internet to your register, and people can mark off if they've purchased it, or are planning to. Super handy. 
I haven't quite finished with it, as I still need to check everything with Logan, but I've really enjoyed putting it all together. It is going to be SO much fun starting our new home together and having all sorts of cute new things. I can't wait!

Talk soon, 
Nina xx


Ainsley Reitsma said...

sounds amazing! so excited for you!!

Nina Donkin said...

Thanks Ainsley! I'm pretty excited myself ;)