Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bridesmaids' Partyyyy {Wedding Planning}

Sooo, on Monday night, I had my first pre-wedding party. It was a party with just my Maid of Honour and my bridesmaids! So I guess perhaps you would call it a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party/Hens' Party, but I think I'm gonna call it my Bridesmaids' Party! :) It was SO much fun! I had this plan for us to start making some decorations for our wedding reception. And we got HEAPS done! And had a lovely time doing so. 
With my lovely Mama <3
I'm so thankful for these wonderful girls (have I mentioned that before?! ;)) and they gave me such a great night, one to remember for always. We did lots of decoration making, snacking, made pizzas for dinner and watched the old movie Father of the Bride. 
We took zillions of photos (of course!) so here are a selection for now - might post some more later hehe ;)
My wonderful Maid-of-Honour sewing!
My turn!
Who knows?!

One word... crazy!

Hard at work! What a mean bride I am - making my lovely bridesmaids work
so hard! I hope they enjoyed it though - I sure did :D haha
All 6 of us <3
Love this one!
Logan gave me the lovely present of a Polaroid camera as a random "just because" surprise earlier this year! We put it to good use this night! I'll treasure these photos forever!

Thanks for such a lovely night girls, and for working so hard on the decorations with me! I love you all so much! What a blessed lady I am!
Nina xx

P.S. I have LOADS of cool news to share soon! Keep an eye out for it ;)


Beth said...

Wow Nina the bunting is so cute! Love it:-)

Nina Donkin said...

Thanks Beth! We were super happy with how it turned out! :)

Ainsley Reitsma said...

the buntings amazing! what cool photos!