Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Week in Pictures

Happy July!!
Sometimes, pictures speak a whole lot louder than words. I found that to be the case this week.
My Mama and my wonderful grandparents at my brother's birthday dinner <3
My crazy now 17-year old brother and Mama!
Driving home from work on Friday - gorgeous!
Journaling! Keeps me sane through the rough patches! <3
Over the weekend, my Dad took Logan and me out to a Winery in another town for lunch. It was SO lovely. Such good food - and this is the first time ever my dad, Logan and I have been able to spend time together with no issues - I am so thankful! My parents split up when I was 12, and although I still see quite a bit of Dad (which is good) we disagree on a fair bit as I'm a Christian and he isn't. Our worldviews differ a lot (for instance on the subject of marriage, and the need for it), which is hard, but we're learning to work through it. That lunch at the winery was a special memory I will definitely treasure forever. Two of the men closest to my heart <3 Thank You Lord!
Inside the winery
The best lunch ever (forgot to take photos of the starter and main -
obviously I'm not a very good hipster ;))
Getting really into my wedding planning now - eeeeek! SO excited!
Some of our dearest friends gave us a wedding planning journal -
SO handy - I'm loving using it!
Preparing to send invites to a bridal party :D
Talk again soon,
Nina xx

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