Sunday, 19 July 2015

Stealing Back Moments

Hey lovelies! How are you all on this glorious winter morning? SO nice to have the sun out! It makes getting back into semester much better tehe :)

I mentioned a little while ago that one of my favourite ways to keep my focus on God is to listen to our local Christian radio station - LifeFM - when I'm driving to and from work and just around and about. And that is totally true - I love listening to LifeFM and I'm very thankful for what they offer. But I've recently found that I get sick of listening to "Christian music" pretty quickly.
I think part of it is being a musician myself - some of the music just isn't that good. And often the theological content isn't that great either. If you can replace the Name of God with that of your boyfriend or girlfriend and no one be any the wiser, that really isn't a good sign :P Now, don't think I'm criticising ALL Christian music - I love some modern worship songs, and bands like Anthem Lights are my fave. But as a genre, I often find it a little meh... A lot of the songs are pretty similar and don't really go as deep as I'd like them to. That may just be me being picky, but anyhow... 

Something else I've recently gotten into doing is downloading Christian audiobooks to my phone and listening to those when I drive around as well as listening to the radio - that makes it a little less monotonous. Two I have on the go at the moment are Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke (the title of that scared me a little, but this is a GREAT book!) and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Listening to books such as these (and lots, lots more) are a great way to keep my eyes on Jesus in everything I'm doing, and keeping me learning and growing as I go. I love it!

What little things do you use to "steal back" moments to spend time with Him? :)
Love, Nina xx

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