Thursday, 6 August 2015

Alone, Yet Not Alone {Movie Review}

Last night, I had the privilege of watching an amazing movie with some of the beautiful ladies who bless my life! We watched the 2013 movie "Alone Yet Not Alone". It is a historical drama, a tale of American Indians and settlers. When I first heard the title, I thought it was talking about the settlers not being alone because of the Indians silently dwelling beside them, but it was nothing like that. As the song above shows, the title and the message speak about how, as believers, no matter what we go through, we may be physically alone, but we are never truly alone!

I don't what to give any of the story away, as I think y'all should definitely try watch this movie. Basically, though, as Rotten Tomatoes puts it: "This historical drama is based on a true story. The full-length feature film recounts the faith and courage of a German-American immigrant family as they face hardship, loss and sorrow during the French and Indian War."
This film is definitely one of the best Christian-made films I've ever seen. I absolutely loved it, and I'm sure you would too! :) I really love the theme song, sung by Joni Eareakson Tada. 
Nina xx


Beth said...

It was good wasn't it:-) even though we were pretty much making jokes the whole way through.....:-D It was nice to see you:-)

Ella said...

This movie sounds very good! I need to watch it soon:)

Nina Donkin said...

Beth, haha, it made it all the better ;) it was lovely to see you too, lovely lady :) xx

Ella, you most certainly should! It honestly spoke so much into my life!