Thursday, 13 August 2015

MICI - Made in Christ's Image

Something I've been super excited about for a while now is that I get to be involved in the pilot programme in NZ for a new Bible study curriculum for 9-13 year old girls. The curriculum was written in Australia and is called MICI (Made In Christ's Image) Girls'. I just love that we, reborn, are made in Christ's image, and I don't think that is taught, or expounded to us enough. It is an amazing truth, and such an encouragement. 

I'm so excited to be a part of it. I am going to be one of the adult leaders for the course. It is a 10 week course (which we've spread out between now and November), with a meet-and-greet tomorrow. It is going to be great!

MICIgirls curriculum touches on lessons from the women of the Bible, and involves discussions, journaling, worship, and affirmation of who we are in Christ—along with the chance to create beauty!

These are the units we will be covering: 
Week 1 Unique Love (Sarah) 
Week 2 Unique Treasure (Hagar) 
Week 3 Unique Purpose (Esther) 

Week 4 Unique Beauty (Ruth) 
Week 5 Unique Words (Shunnamite Woman) 
Week 6 Unique Me (Michal) 
Week 7 Unique Style (Daughters of Zelophehad) 
Week 8 Unique Purity (Ruth) 

Week 9 Unique Friendships (Hannah) 
Week 10 Unique Justice (Tabitha)
(In case you hadn't guessed yet :P) I'm super excited to do this, to meet all these precious girls and to journey alongside them as they learn more about who they were created to be. I'd love it if you would join me in praying for the girls and for us leaders - that we would all get to learn something more about the heart of God, and that we would all be changed by this! :)

The magazines that the MICI people put out are absolutely gorgeous - there are adults ones too, so you should definitely check them out here: MICIgirls also have their own website and blog here: 
If you use Instagram, you should totally follow @micigirls and @micimagazine for some great inspiration day by day - they're on Facebook too :)
That's enough about that for now, but I'll be sure to fill you in on how our meet and greet goes tomorrow! 
Nina xx

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