Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Dream

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved 2 things very much. The first was the Lord her God. She wanted to serve Him with her life, in all she did. The second thing she loved was drama, music, dance and theatre productions. She wanted, with all her heart to put these two loves, and her dream of changing the world for God, together. 
Singing in a show in the biggest local theatre,  2003
As she grew, she was involved in many theatre productions, including some Biblical based theatre shows in her home town. She loved being part of them!
As a Philistine girl in a musical about King David!
She was also involved in secular musical theatre - including Beauty and the Beast! She got to play a teaspoon!
The smallest gold tea-spoon, stage right, just behind Lumière!
One of the best experiences she had was being part of a film made of Romeo and Juliet, with a group of fellow students when she was homeschooled. That inspired her to go on and make little movies with her friends - written by them, and filmed on a home-video camera. 
The earliest photo from the movie
They started making a movie in 2008 and it was finished in 2013. After they finally finished, she knew for sure she wanted, one day, to make films that would impact and change people's lives.
The cast of the movie!
As Janna (left) in 2010
In 2010, the girl and her Mother felt the Lord leading them to establish a production company dedicated to producing top-quality shows which bring glory to our Saviour. This lead to 4 productions she's been blessed to direct (so far):
Psalty and the Take-Your-Time Machine (2011)
A Royal Feast: The Flavour of Christmas (2012)
Grandma's Folk Tales (2013)
Psalty: Welcome to the Family (2015)
She started writing some of her own scripts. She was so inspired. She loved what she was doing, and she loved seeking to serve God in it. She was all set to become a film maker, actress and theatre producer. This was her dream and she longed to serve in this way. 

Then, at some point, she started to question if this really was God's call on her life, if this is really what He wanted for her. Some little seed of distrust in her long-held dream penetrated her heart. People told her she would never be able to make it happen, why would God want a little small-town girl to do things like that?! So she started to doubt if she was good enough, and, as much as she hated to admit it, whether God really would provide.
But God is so much bigger than our doubts and our fears, and He works in our weakness. He started to whisper into her life, teaching her that unless she moved in His strength, she couldn't do it. But in His strength, and by His gentle guidance, she could.
And more than that, if she learnt to follow His guidance, rather than seeking to do it in her own way, He would do wonderful things. She found that the more time she spent seeking His will, the more He moulded and shaped her heart. She knew that He had given her the desires in her heart to seek Him with her skills and that He was aligning her dreams with His own heart. He has shaped and changed her dream over the years, yet the essence remains the same. 
As she has learnt to lean in to Him for guidance, He has shown her constantly how faithful He is and how He is there every step of the way, providing even more than she needs, or even asked. He cares about your dreams and your goals to serve, brothers and sisters of Faith!
Playing a Hebrew girl called "Janna" in a show about Joshua
At the end of last year, the Christian ministry team who put on the Biblical theatre productions she had been involved in as a child invited her to join their board. She was thrilled to accept. Not long after that, tragedy struck, and the president of that company passed away. She was really upset, as the president had been a mentor to her in the world of theatre directing, and faith. She really realised how fragile life is, and how we can only count on right now. We need to make the most of the time we have.

Out of this sad time, there came some beauty though. After the president's death, there was a decision made to close the company down. So, the board nominated to donate all of the company's assets - all the thousands of costumes, props, all the make up, the sets, the scripts and songs and so on to the girl's production company. The girl was beyond delighted. This was so much more than she had ever dreamed of, and yet, God provided it. They would never lack anything.
A tiny portion of the things God gave to the girl's mission!
The girl once decided her dreams were too big, that she was far too insignificant to play a part in changing this world for her God. She was done. But God wasn't finished with her. He had given her the dreams for a reason, and He wouldn't give up on her that easily. He gave her courage, and provided for her needs. He strengthened her.
The story still goes on. She isn't yet at the stage of creating films which share life-breathing messages with the world, but one day, she hopes she will be. She is studying to direct films, working on plays still, and working on her own performing. She still dreams of serving God and sharing His love through theatre and film. And she truly hopes she will be able to have a positive impact on people as she goes, and that she may, in some small way, play a part in inspiring other believers to reach for their God-given dreams too. Our God is far more than ordinary, and He works in extraordinary ways. The girl is still dreaming, bigger and, with God, better!

How do I know all this? Well, the girl is me. And my dreams go on.
Nina xx


Violet said...

<3 It's been so wonderful to have been a part of your journey thus far my friend! :) And to see how the Lord has used and continues to use your gifts for His glory! You're always in my prayers! <3 Your friend, Violet

Ella said...

This is such a lovely post. Nina.
It's amazing how God can take our desires and dreams and turn them into something beautiful for His glory.

Nina Donkin said...

Thanks Violet! I'm so thankful for the people God has placed in my life as I journey - you in particular <3
You're always in my prayers too!
And Ella, thank you so much! :) That is so true!