Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Spring time is near

I can hardly believe how this year is rushing by. Mid-semester break for our second semester is over, and I'm back into my studies. I'm really enjoying getting on into things. I've also been really enjoying our wedding planning. It's only 2 and a half months until our big day now (I nearly wrote hours - oops, that would be scary! :P). 

We're starting to feel pretty well ready now - we've sorted most of the outfits, the flowers, the vehicles, the venues and so on. And now I'm working on sorting out the decorations for the reception. 

The MICIgirls got to make some beautiful candle holders from Mason Jars on Saturday as a part of our session. I loved so much how they've turned out, I decided I'd love to have some as part of our reception. 
This is how my mason jar turned out - isn't it cute?! I'm gonna post a "how-to" tutorial on this at some point soon if anyone wants to make one too - it is a super easy craft. 

This morning after work, I went out and got a whole lot of craft supplies ready to put together decorations. They all look pretty funny as they are, but I can't wait to share the finished result - it's going to look so cute!
As much as I'm enjoying all the preparations, what I'm enjoying even more is seeking God's will in our lives with my Logan. We're having a lot of people at our wedding, and for some of them, this will probably be one of their only experiences of hearing God's truth, and being amongst His people. We want, more than anything else, for our wedding to be a witness to all these people.

You see, there's far more to a wedding than just the joining of two people into one before God and their loved ones. It is symbolic of something far more beautiful - the future marriage of Jesus and His bride -the church. 

 I'd love it if you were to join me in praying that this may be the case, that people's heart's will be touched and their lives changed. 

With love, 
Nina xx

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