Wednesday, 9 September 2015

//Thankful Heart// (4)

-I woke up to the interesting sound of a mouse trying to get to my chocolate in one of my drawers at 5am this morning... Hmm... Not the best experience ever. I think a little banging around from me dislodged the mouse and the chocolate has been rescued. Having woken up early, I spent a while praying and just thinking, and therefore, I am thankful for my mouse-alarm clock :D All the same... I'd rather that didn't occur again haha :P
I'm thankful for 20 years of this amazing girl on Monday <3
We've been friends for the entirety of her teen years now - cool!
-For all the beautiful weather we've been having :D And I'm thankful for the less nice weather too, as it makes us appreciate the rest of it more haha.
-Learning a new song - a Lied called Ich Liebe Dich (I Love Thee) - it is so beautiful!!
-Logan and I getting to go to friends for dinner last night, and having a wonderful time!
-Long river walks and amazing chats with the craziest girl I know <3
-Getting RSVPs from people for our wedding!
-A fun assignment to write :O
-Tea. Of course. 
-And gingernuts. 
-Craft projects that actually work out.
-Receiving my new passport :D :D 
-Fun babysitting my cousin's kids (and my grandparents haha) with Logan! I love this photo of "Big Logan" and "Little Logan". 
-For amazing reminders like this: 
Talk soon, 
Nina xx

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