Saturday, 26 September 2015

// Thankful Heart // (5)

I have been so crazy busy recently, so it was nice to sort of take an evening off last night and just chill out with Mum and Logan. We watched a movie, ate a nice dinner and talked. Then I got thinking about how much I have to be thankful for <3
-For instance, this gorgeous sunset and the beautiful sakura blossoms. 
-Wonderful music introduced to me by my friends' dad!
-Work I absolutely love. 
-Kind, wonderful, brave, beautiful, passionate, God-fearing loving friends. 
-My wonderful Mama and fiancĂ© to talk about God with and just to think through things with. 
-Delicious food. Mainly chips. 
-The end of Term 3 (even if I still have to work and study because semester is still going) 
-Learning vocal music I LOVE! I'm so blessed by my music! Thank You Father for song!
-A second peaceful night off tonight! 
-Super easy face masks which make your skin feel great - 1 egg white, beaten. You leave it on your face 10 minutes and then wash it off! And that's it!! 
-A magical, beautiful day at the International Spring Festival today! 
-Adorable Polaroid photos with precious friends <3 
-My first time going through a "haunted" house at festival today! It was super fun hehe. 
-Chocolate smoothies. Enough said. 
-Football with some of my favourite people ever.
-Daylight savings!
-A fiancé who shares what God is teaching him with me and who washes my feet when I'm tired.
-God's glorious artwork everywhere during spring! 

Well, that's all from me for now! 
Nina xx

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