Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Counting Down - 5 Weeks!

Sometimes, it doesn't seem really. It doesn't REALLY seem like we are actually getting married in just 5 weeks. Where has all the time gone? Where has the 14 months of our engagement gone? Am I really going to become the love of my life's wife in just 36 days?!

Now that I've finished semester and only have work and MICIgirls to worry about, I've been really getting into the wedding planning. Yesterday, Logan and I met with our pastor to discuss the marriage ceremony itself - that was exciting. Then I relinquished my engagement ring to the jeweller for 3 weeks(!!), as I'm having a wedding band made to fit around it. I also went down to the church we're getting married in and sorted a few details there. Then in the evening we had a dress fitting session for the bridesmaids. 
I love these beautiful girls SO much, and I'm so thankful for the way they constantly bless my life. I'm so glad all of them are going to be standing up beside me as I make one of the biggest commitments of my life.
Two of their Mums came along as well, which was really nice (my own Mum is in the middle). We had such a fun evening, and it was really exciting seeing all the girls looking so beautiful. 

Of course, we took cute/crazy photos and laughed heaps - especially at my accidentally tossing a whole lot of shortbread into one of the girls' laps as I offered her some >.<
One of the things about wedding planning is that you quite often think you're nearly finished, and you're really not. There is always something more to do. But boy, is it exciting! I am so blessed, by so many, and so much by our gracious God! <3
I'm really treasuring this time, as I'm sure 5 weeks will be over all too soon!

Nina xx

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