Monday, 2 November 2015

Paper Hearts

I've been working on lots of cute little decorations for our wedding, and I really liked this one so I thought I'd share a "how-to" with you. 

Paper heart origami: 
Step 1: Take an A4 piece of paper. Cut it in half
through the middle horizontally.
Step 2: Cut it in half horizontally again.
Step 3: Cut it in half one more time. You should
now have 8 pieces of paper this length.
Step 4: Take one piece and fold it in half longways.
Step 5: Open it back up again.
Step 6: Take one side and fold it up along your middle fold.
Step 7: Repeat this with the other side, then turn it over.
Step 8: Fold the two flaps down towards the
triangular piece.
Step 9: Fold the two upper corners in.
Step 10: Fold the inner corners in. 
You are done! You could maybe tape the flaps down
so that it stays.
On Saturday afternoon, the gorgeous and wonderful MICIgirls helped me out by making about 100 hearts for the wedding. So thankful for them!

Talk soon, 
Nina xx