Monday, 23 November 2015

'tis only the very beginning!

In 5 days, I marry the love of my life. 5. Days. Crazy!
I can hardly believe we're finally in our wedding week. What a journey it has been, and I am thankful for every moment. 
 How handsome is this soon-to-be-husband of mine?! And he's so much more than good looks - he is funny (very!), kind, thoughtful, honourable, generous and a wholehearted follower of Jesus. God has blessed me so very, very much! I can't wait to marry you, Logan, and serve God together with you always <3
The other day, I posted this picture on Instagram, with the caption below:

Over three years ago now, I was praying desperately for a Prince to fill 

the final role in the Christmas production I was working on.

 Little did I know, when God fulfilled that prayer, He was 

bringing me my own Prince too. In 7 DAYS I get to marry

 that very man. Craziness. I just love how God works, moulding and 

crafting our lives with His perfect plans.

 | “Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, 

You are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭64:8‬ ‭|

One of my very dear friends (and bridesmaid!) Nicole commented something that really got me thinking. She said: "God writes the best love stories ❤ so happy to see the one He is writing for you my friend!" And she is exactly right. God does write the best love stories. But I loved the way she worded the second part - is writing. Not has written. Is writing. He is still writing it. Our love story isn't over now that we're getting married. In fact, it's hardly begun. We are just finishing the 1st chapter. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the future as we serve Him.
Oh, how I adore him!
And that got me thinking, it is exactly the same with our relationships with God. Just as the wedding is not the end of the love story, but the beginning, so salvation is just the start of our relationship with God. If after we got married we thought the story was over and all our communication/work/effort was over, we'd be in for a nasty surprise. We'd lose touch, and lose our cherished relationship. No, after marriage, you have to keep working, keep communicating, keep trying. And you will (so I'm told, and firmly believe) experience a closeness far better than prior to marriage. It is the same with our relationship with God. Only far, far more important. In fact, it seems almost ridiculous to compare the two, but God uses marriage as a really clear picture for us to understand His working. 

Salvation is just the beginning. After you accept Jesus' incredible gift and ask Him to come into your life, you are not done. No, you are stepping on into an exciting journey of new discovery and new joy. Sure, there will be trials along the way (we are promised that, just as in marriage!), but just knowing Him, just knowing all we need do is breathe a prayer and speak to Him, read His word and He is with us, that is so beautiful. 

As I've journeyed in my faith, I've learnt more and more about God, seen Him work in incredible ways and seen for myself more and more glimpses of how beautiful He is. And as I continue to walk with the Lord, I can't wait to see that even more. 
In 5 days, I will be entering a new stage of life. In 5 days, I will be a married lady. Married to the most incredible man. I'm so thankful that it is just the start of our story. And I'm even more thankful that my love story with my Saviour isn't over either - it is ever growing and changing and becoming better, the more and more I journey with Him - thank You Lord!

Much love, 
Nina xx


Ainsley Reitsma said...

cute photos and very sweet and true words! I'm really looking forward to the wedding =D

Electronic Addict said...

My Brother's leaving home in three days. I'll soon realize how much of a part he plays in my life.